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Top: Thrifted Mens Swatshirt (DIY Crop) Skirt: Slip/ Thrift Store Shoes: Net A Porter DIY Peep Toes/ Thrift Store
Belt: Forever21 Choker Chain: c/o Janekes Jewelry Box
Aged Sweats
Ripped & Stuffed
with Gold
Accompanied by Leather 
~Bon Appetit!

Thank you to Flex Office Space for inviting me out to your networking event last week. The event was to show off the chic studio office space located in DC and to invite bloggers to rent the space for work. Discussed by some of the featured guest speakers QueSeraSahra & Be Loud Be You, some bloggers get writers block or the lazy syndrome when blogging from home and potential work becomes another unproductive day. So FOS is a way to accomplish your blog desires and of course gives you a reason to dress up! I'm happy to have met so many new bloggers!
I've been inspired lately by the lazy boyish sports attire that's currently trending. This consisting of mainly mens jeans, sweatshirts, and slowly intigrating mens bombers. So I went straight to the Mens section of the Thrift Store and raided it. Yes I did get plenty of confused glances from the men there, but I made out great! I LOve how the sleeves on this sweatshirt has a soft swishy material that adds texture and edge to what would have been a regular top. The skirt is actually just a slip I ripped out of an old skirt that was laying around in my house. I hate ironing that's why it has that crinkly texture to it; So appropriate for warm weather. Oh yeah... and I did put an oc slip in it. There's no better way to make a loud statement than with minimalistic apparel, bold accessories, and colored shoes.
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