Sunday, April 6, 2014

Xander: Alanna

Whether she is wearing plain monochromatic or multi colors, there's no look or color that Alanna from can't pull off; especially with her audacious and alluring blue dipped tresses mainly stealing the show! Read on to find out more about the Filipino, Croatian, Norwegian beauty.

Twiggy: How would you describe your style?
Alanna: Quirky, playful and extremely dynamic. I can be anywhere between urban/streetwear to preppy/feminine — however, one unvarying aspect is vintage. In every look, there is at least one piece that’s been pre-loved!!

Twiggy: How did you start your blog and what is it about?
Alanna:  I created an online vintage clothing store. I would blog about certain pieces and create looks showcasing them. Eventually, I started gravitating towards personal style blogging and haven't looked back.

Twiggy: Favorite food?
Alanna: Anything my mom makes; she's from the Philippines, so any traditional Filipino cuisine hits home for me.

Twiggy: One random fact about you
Alanna: My first job was at Taco Del Mar. I worked there for 2 days when I was 16, then got my Dad to call and quit for me. I was a major wuss.

Twiggy: "D" for....
Alanna: Durkovich! My last name of course

Email for collaborations/ inquiries:
Instagram: @xandervintage


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