Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hump Back

"Life begins After Coffee..." 



Shades: Cole Haan TJ Maxx Top: Buffalo Exchange Jacket: Vintage Jeans: Thrift Store (Mens Dept) Shoes: Ebay

Love my Camel windbreaker that I got from a vendor at this years Broccoli Festival. Funny thing is that the vendor only sold men's clothes and as the salesmens where trying to persuade me to buy more girlie like pieces like shades. I told them that I enjoy mens clothing as much as I enjoy womens. I'm not a smoker but I was drawn to how vintage this jacket is from the color to the picture of the cool camels on the back that I knew it would draw attention. The weather has been sunny and warm so I paired this with mens pants, a crop top, and threw my leopard flatforms for edge and a touch of feminism.

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  1. I love your haaaair and your style ! you re amazing, dear ! :)