Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Floral Glass

“Clothes should seduce. They should lead you to create the best and most beautiful version of yourself.”

Glass Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory Glasses: TJ Maxx Cole Haan Dress: Thifted DIY Heels: Buffalo Exchange

Glass jewels
wrapped in a bed of flowers
strapped with cobalt snake heels
~Bon Appetit!

Here's another typical thrifted DIY outfit. I wore this for Mother's Day. Yeah yeah.. I know, I'm way behind. Any who...the dress was thrifted and prob home made by a stay at home mom because the fabric although was very pretty, was not made out of your common everyday material. Try fleece...yeah I don't know who put in the request to walk around in a flower bed...get it. or not, ok I;m beinf really corny. Luckily the weather wasn't blazin that day. I made this dress a la' vintageappetites by cutting out the back for some spine action. Paired the dress with some ankle strap heels I scored at Buffalo Exchange and Cole Haan reflector shades from TJ Maxx. What's even better is that my earrings came from Burlington Coat Factory. They may be slackin in the clothing department but I went on a jewlery haul with them. It's safe to say I have a problem. Awk-Ward....

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