Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Nature

Turban: DIY Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory Bathing Suit Top: Ebay Floral Track Pants: PacSun

Spruced with more Florals
Covered in a turban

~Bon Appetit!

Everyday was an adventure in Jamaica and too hot to wear any clothes. So I wore my bathing suit and some thin track pants. I used a sheet to create a simple turban for a more cultured vibe. The Jamaicans kept calling me African Queen or Momma Africa ;p

 This particular day we went to Negril to visit Margaritaville. The beach was not as great as our resort but it was cool to see every part of Jamaica rather than staying secluded at our hotel. They had people selling trinkets on the beach, but what got me was a man selling fresh caught lobster and for only $8.00!! Later we went to the infamous Ricks Cafe. While the food wasn't worth the hype, it was a breathtaking view. Endless cliffs, the bluest water you've ever seen, and cliff divers. I was going to do it, but only if my boyfriend jumped first to catch me in the water because I can't tread and I panic if my feet can't touch the bottom of the floor. Me being a adrenaline junkie worked up my nerves to get ready to jump after my bf punked out, but then it started to rain :( Oh well. 

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