Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hat: Forever21 Mesh Bodysuit: Forever21 Lace Shorts: Ebay Beaded Jacket: Thrift Store Shades: Forever21 Boots: RuggedWearhouse

So much has happened over the weekend. First starting with my friend that I met at last year's NYFW came in town and stayed with me all weekend. I also went to Trillectro and sadly the picture I have posted from her Instagram @danasia_sutton was sadly the only picture we managed to take from our weekend. We will reunite next week at NYFW and hopefully will have more pics together. 
So this was my first year going to Trillectro and it was def. interesting. I had fun and made the most of it even while it rained the majority of the time. The dj's were amazing and the people were so nice!!! 
Surprisingly the jacket I'm wearing was only $19 at the thrift store. I had it for a min but wanted to wear it for the perfect occasion. 

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