Monday, September 29, 2014

Top Of The Mornin'

 “Creative people are often considered crazy but I believe crazy can be a good thing.”

Getting pix taken with Extraordinaire Sunglass Designer: StevieBoi & Blogger Kie 

Wool Hat: Ebay Pinstripe Blazer: Borrowed from my friend Jumper: Thrift Store(DIY) Wedges: Ebay Shades: Ebay Purse: Thrift Store Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory Necklaces: Ebay

Extra Large Wool
Wrapped in silk
& covered in tiny pearls
With a hint of leopard

~Bon Appetit!

On my last day of fashion week, it's only right to go out with a bang. I have been prepping for fashion week only since last years fashion week and it was a shame that it was this hard for me to find a wool hat. I wasn't particularly looking for one this massively big. I bought it on ebay and the seller describe it so wrong.  I was actually looking for one with a wide brim and being that they're not quite in season yet... I settled and made this one work. I surprisingly received a lot of attention and in no way was I trying to imitate Pharell's look from the Grammy's. This jumper I randomly found a week before I left for Fashion Week. I was at a thrift store donating some clothes and started scrolling nonchalantly through the racks and it jumped right out at me. I instantly knew the bag of pearls that's been sitting in my craft box for a yr was going to use finally. Because my hat and jumper were really attention grabbing, I went for minimalistic accessories. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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