Tuesday, November 4, 2014


“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”
-Fabienne Fredrickson

HeadWrap: Sheet Necklaces: Ebay Top: Vintage "Mens" Belt: Charlotte Russe Skirt: Vintage Dress Heels: Vintage Max Mara Ebay

Eccentric head wrap
tossed with a 
striped men's shirt
covered in African print 
layered in gold 

~Bon Appetit!

I was asked to attend a 3 day fashion event for Ankara Fashions. Though my schedule only permitted me to attend one day I did enjoy myself very much. As you all know I am very inspired by prints so what better way to be inspired than to attend an African fashion show. It was so beautiful to see all the different African prints and designs not only on the runway but on everybody in the audience as well. My outfit was inspired somewhat by Altuzarra. It's easy to dress in African print during warmer seasons but found it rather challenging once the weather was cooler. 

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