Thursday, November 20, 2014


Shades: Vintage Floral Jacket: Thrift Store Top: Pac Sun Jeans: Marshalls

Exaggerated denim 
Accompanied with 
floral layers

~Bon Appetit!

Call me crazy for posting this outfit when it's been nothing but 35 degrees as the high on the east coast where I live. It feels as cold as if it were snowing in the middle of winter and we're only a month into fall. But when I actually wore this outfit 3 weeks ago it was mid 70's.  
I've always been a little intimidated about wearing high waisted wide leg pants because of my petite stature. But with my highest clogs and some tummy action, I was able to trick myself into thinking I was actually tall. Hehehe...

Is it spring time yet?

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