Thursday, December 4, 2014

A New Leaf

“Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.”
-Charles Baudelaire

Shades: Forever21 Faux Fur Scarf: Thrift Store Sweater: H&M Shorts: Forever21 Boots: Ebay

Leather riding shorts 
covered in aged snake skin 
paired with wool 
& embedded with 
delicate florals

~Bon Appetit! 

Fall is perfect for a nice boots, shorts and long jackets combo. I don't cover up my legs during any season. Surprisingly, they don't get cold. My secret... cocoa butter and a good par of socks and I'm good. My feet on the other hand.. that's a different story. They're always cold. 
This "jacket" I'm wearing is actually a plus size or maternity dress. I was drawn to the print and just made it work. These boots I am obsessed with not only because I got them from Ebay for under $20 but because they're the perfect vintage retro platform boots. 

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