Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hat: Thrift Store Nylon Sports Bra: Target Body Chain: Forever21 Sheer Skirt: Thrift Store Jacket: DIY Flea Market

I enjoyed Broccolifest for what it was before the rain got the best of us and it felt like winter all over again :( Willow & Jaden Smith performed and are the most humble and influential people of our times. It was really cool meeting all the people that I did at the event. 
I had another outfit in mind but the weather didn't permit. I had to find some way to stay warm but still look festival- ish. So I threw this on with some knee high leather boots to keep me warm amongst the layers of cocoa butter I slabbed on. The jacket I'm wearing has been a work in progress for almost a yr now. I'll finish the jacket one day I swear...

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