Tuesday, April 14, 2015


“Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.”
-Charles Baudelaire

Vintage Rabbit Fur Coat: Ebay Dress: Thrift Store DIY Boots: Thrift Store

Breakfast:Power meal consisting of
an old dress
chopped up boots
Vintage Rabbit
& a stack of random chains

~Bon Appetit!

So excited I was able to score this vintage rabbit coat on Ebay for $20!!! I couldn't resist to wear it even it was 70 degrees out, though I bought it when spring had just started peaking from around the corner. I wore it on the coldest and windiest day and to be honest I didn't care what I wore it with... I was just pressed to wear it before tucking it away for 6 months. This dress feels so amazing against your skin, a good score from the good ol Thrift Store and introduced it to my scissors. Wore this outfit to go to a flea market and charmed two sweet old ladies into letting me buy 2 real fur shawls for $5 each, Score!!!!

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